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Job Description

Job Description

Responsible for the operations and maintenance of the Anesthesia equipment.

Job Responsibility


  • * Demonstrates knowledge of the equipment in the department, how to operate and troubleshoot and mechanism for initiating repairs.
    • Checks monitoring equipment daily and assists with preparation of such equipment (including change of anesthesia circuit) according to established procedures to ensure optimum patient safety and care.
    • Notifies the Bio-Medical Specialist of any equipment needing repairs to ensure patient safety.
    • Takes appropriate action for the malfunctioning equipment and used resources if unable to troubleshoot problem.
    • May attach ECG cable to IV pole after patient is put on OR table.
  • * Works collaboratively as a team member when providing patient care to promote positive patient outcomes.
    • Coordinates activities occurring outside of the unit and accompanies anesthesiologist and/or surgeon, as appropriate.
    • Sets up all pressure transducers and assures proper calibration of the transducers and pressure module, as needed.
    • Responds to emergency situations in the O.R. and sets up appropriate emergency equipment.
    • Effectively communicates with all members of the surgical team regarding the need for special equipment and supplies.
  • * Maintains quality control and logs.
    • Maintains records of maintenance of equipment as directed.
    • Maintains appropriate department statistics, QA monitors, and provides written report to supervisor.
  • * Follows protocol for all safety and Infection Control practice and monitors environment and equipment to ensure cleaning standards are maintained.
    • Aseptically opens sterile supplies based on patient needs and procedure card.
    • Follows procedure for decontamination of all instruments used during the procedure.
    • Cleans all anesthesia equipment according to Infection Control standards.
    • Adheres to safety and Infection Control policies: demonstrates knowledge and skills in waste disposal and standard precautions.
  • * Stocks supplies necessary for administration of anesthesia.
    • Checks all Operating Rooms between cases to ensure adequate supplies and drugs are immediately available.
    • Notifies management regarding supplies, which must be ordered from outside the hospital.
    • Orders supplies as needed from the Anesthesia Workroom.
  • * Ensures that anesthesia machines and carts are clear and well stocked.
    • Cleans surfaces of anesthesia machines when Operating Rooms are finished for the day.
    • Collects and restocks anesthesia supply carts so that Operating Room is always ready for use.
  • * Accesses medication delivery and/or medication areas, as authorized, in the performance of required duties, as needed.
  • Performs related duties, as required.

*ADA Essential Functions

Job Qualification


  • High School Diploma or equivalent, required.
  • American Society of Anesthesia Technologists & Technicians Certification within two years of employment, preferred.
  • BCLS Certification, preferred.
  • Prior experience working in a hospital environment, preferred.
  • Ability to communicate effectively.

Job ID: 7311785173745405214

This job is located in

New York, New York, 10060

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