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Job Description:

GENERAL STATEMENT OF DUTIES: To be responsible for the preparation and cooking of food and the instruction and supervision of inmates assigned to work in the food service units in the Adult Correctional Institutions; to be responsible for safeguarding the custody and well-being of inmates assigned to such units; to carry out plans for their training and rehabilitation; and to do related work as required.
SUPERVISION RECEIVED: Works under the general supervision of the Supervisor of Food Services (Adult Correctional Institutions) from whom are received general and specific orders, instructions and assignments; work is reviewed by frequent inspections for effectiveness and conformity with institutional policies, rules and regulations.
SUPERVISION EXERCISED: As required, may give on-the-job instructions to newly appointed Correctional Officers - Steward; supervises the work and training of inmates assigned to the food service units.In accordance with established policies, rules and regulations, to be responsible for receiving, storing, preparing and serving food stuffs in a sanitary, economical, nutritive and attractive manner for the inmate population and staff of an adult correctional institution.
  • To supervise the work of inmates engaged in preparing and cooking foods according to prescribed menus.
  • To keep informed of supplies on hand and needs for such supplies and to report these needs to the Supervisor.
  • To be responsible for strict control over tools, cooking and food service utensils and other items which are hazardous from the custodial standpoint.
  • As required, to give on-the-job training to newly appointed Correctional Officers - Steward, undergoing training, in the receiving, preparing and serving of foods.
  • To inspect all equipment and facilities utilized by inmates in the food service areas to see that they are in sanitary and working condition.
  • To supervise the conduct of and to maintain order and discipline among inmates and assist them with their personal, emotional and adjustment problems, or to direct them to the proper persons for guidance.
  • To carry out plans for the training and rehabilitation of inmates.
  • To search inmates and work quarters for the detection of pilferage and to prevent the possession of contraband.
  • To exercise constant vigilance to observe any unusual activities or movements of individuals or groups indicative of attempted escape and riot, strike or minor irregularities and to report same to a superior.
  • To operate devices for locking and unlocking security doors and to be accountable for all keys used for these purposes.
  • To make regular and special counts of the inmate population assigned to the food service units.
  • To do related work as required.

KNOWLEDGES, SKILLS AND CAPACITIES: A thorough knowledge of food preparation and service and the ability to prepare, cook and serve all types of food stuffs in large quantities; a working knowledge of proper sanitation methods and practices of food handling; the ability to acquire knowledge of the practices, methods and techniques of adult correctional and custodial work; the ability to safeguard and supervise inmates and to maintain discipline; the ability to cooperate and work with other employees engaged in carrying out plans for the rehabilitation of inmates; the ability to meet and deal effectively with others in resolving problems related to assigned functions; the capacity to observe the attitude and mental, physical and other reactions of inmates; the capacity to acquire skill in the use of firearms; and related capacities and abilities.


Education: Such as may have been gained through: graduation from a senior high school; and
Experience: Such as may have been gained through: employment in private or public work involving the supervision of others and the enforcement of rules and regulations; and experience as a cook in a hospital, hotel, large restaurant or in the military.
Or, any combination of education and experience that shall be substantially equivalent to the above education and experience.

The following conditions of employment must be met at the time of appointment:

Must have successfully completed the eight week correctional officer training program.
Must be capable of performing (with or without reasonable accommodations) the essential duties as evidenced by a physician’s certificate from a physician designated by the Department of Corrections.
In accordance with RIGL 42-28.3-1 no person shall be appointed temporary, probationary, or permanent until they shall have been evaluated and tested by a certified psychologist and receive a satisfactory rating which shall be in writing.
No such appointee shall be given permanent appointment to a position within this class unless he/she shall have met all of the above requirements.

"Every effort will be made to reasonably accommodate an individual who has a disability. Therefore, nothing in this specification shall be interpreted to prohibit the use of such accommodation in order to perform the essential functions of this class."

Complete Correctional Officers Training Academy, food services experience, certificate of food safety. 

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