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Tenet Healthcare

Placentia, CA

House Supervisor Per Diem Nights

Location1400 N Kraemer Blvd, Placentia, California 92870
Employment TypeContractor
Date Posted2022-08-08
Direct Apply
Valid Through2023-03-16

Job Description:

House Supervisor Per Diem Nights - *****

Description :
Since 1972, Placentia-Linda Hospital has expanded right along with north Orange County. As our communities grow, we continue to offer a full range of medical services to meet your family’s needs. One thing remains the same — our caring and compassionate staff, which is committed to providing excellent quality and customer satisfaction. The numerous awards and distinctions we’ve earned demonstrate that. The Joint Commission, the leading accreditor of healthcare organizations in America, once again named Placentia-Linda Top Performer on Key Quality Measures in 2014. The hospital was recognized for exemplary performance in using evidence-based clinical processes that are shown to improve care for certain conditions.
We offer competitive salaries and benefits including a matching 401(k), several health & dental plans to choose from, generous tuition assistance plans, and relocation assistance for select positions.
This position is responsible for the daily management, coordination and direction of nursing functions, direction and daily staffing assignments and interpretation of policies, procedures, standards and regulations as appropriate. Assess all Workmen Compensation injuries that happen on his/her shift, triages per protocol. Other responsibilities include participation in performance improvement, staff mentoring and coaching, providing input for employee evaluations and Administrative Director meetings and reviews staffing patterns to assure compliance with regulatory and budgetary requirements.  Provides oversight for Registry Audits and Dialysis Services.  All variances must be reported accordingly to Title 22 regulations. Performs all the duties required of a Registered Nurse, provides lunch relief when needed and supports patient care as necessary. Reports directly to the Chief Nursing Officer and performs other duties as assigned.

Qualifications :
Demonstrates good verbal, written and electronic communication skills. Practice requires working in a team based environment, and promoting collaboration for safe, quality care.  Exercises good judgment in prioritizing projects.  Ability to implement corrective action.  Takes a positive approach to change.  Proven ability to generate solutions to problematic situations.  Understands principles of adult education.  Proficient in word and excel preferred.  Basic knowledge of department budget and other fiscal responsibilities. Knowledge of regulations governing scheduling and staffing of assigned personnel to patient care departments in an acute healthcare facility. Knowledge and ability to perform required First Responder assessments and healthcare screening.
Three to five years previous clinical experience in an acute care facility required.  Should have prior management or house supervisory experience.
  • Current California RN license 
  • Current American Heart Association BLS/CPR
  • Current American Heart Association ACLS
  • Current American Heart Association PALS preferred
  • Non-violent crisis intervention/verbal de-escalation course within 3 months of hire

Tenet complies with federal, state, and/or local laws regarding mandatory vaccination of its workforce. If you are offered this position and must be vaccinated under any applicable law, you will be required to show proof of full vaccination or obtain an approval of a religious or medical exemption prior to your start date. If you receive an exemption from the vaccination requirement, you will be required to submit to regular testing in accordance with the law.

Job : Nursing

Primary Location : CA-Placentia


Hospital/Facility : Placentia-Linda Hospital

Job Type: : PT2Y

Shift Type: : Nights



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