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Influential Communication: Possess knowledge of: Verbal/nonverbal behaviors; application and allocation of business communication
styles/techniques in ambiguous and challenging situations; situational awareness; communication channels/mediums; interpersonal skills and
universal relationship building with ability to connect seemingly unconnected parties; influencing styles. To be able to carry out the following
responsibilities: Organizes thoughts and communicates credibly and concisely within scope; presents to and influences team members and business
partners, conveying messages through a basic understanding of the relevant context; utilizes relevant data and fact-based information to articulate
results and provides a recommendation in a structured manner; seeks and provides constructive feedback and provides ideas/recommendations on
processes; proactively builds professional network.

Operational Excellence: Possess knowledge of: regulatory and reporting requirements; Standard Operating Procedure documentation; key functional
roles within assigned department. To be able to carry out the following responsibilities: Explains operational functions and key functional roles of
assigned department of unit; clarifies the role of each department and its relevance to the enterprise strategy; describes the interdependence of
support functions and line operating functions; identifies the primary operational functions of the organization; understands where to locate and how to
read One Best Way and Standard Operating Procedure information; locates information regarding fundamental practices and policies; lists common
tasks and activities performed by operations functions and subfunctions.

Partnership & Collaboration: Possess knowledge of: Stakeholder identification and mapping; stakeholder analysis; stakeholder communication;
stakeholder engagement techniques; stakeholder management effectiveness tools and methods; fluency in many specialized business vernacular.
To be able to carry out the following responsibilities: Supports the development of business cases and recommendations. Owns delivery of project
activity and tasks assigned by others. Supports process updates and changes. Solves simple business issues. Demonstrates functional knowledge of
the business unit/organization being supported.

Data & Digital Literacy: Possess Knowledge of: Data collection modes, techniques, and tools; data analytics & visualization tools and techniques;
existing and upcoming digital applications; technology innovation trends & industry benchmarks; data quality governance. To be able to carry out the
following responsibilities: Gather data, information and content in a digital environment and interprets appropriately. Ability to effectively communicate
through data story-telling. Review data across systems to ensure completeness of data and applies data quality checks. Analyze and create reports
by using existing models/templates. Apply digital techniques and tools for effective representation of the data to stakeholders. Suggest tasks that can
be automated using technology. Identify opportunities for improving our data-driven decision-making.

Negotiation: Possess knowledge of: Negotiation techniques, tactics, tools, systems, and processes; methods to create WIN-WIN opportunities for
partners and organization; relationship and stakeholder management techniques; communication practices. To be able to carry out the following
responsibilities: Prepare and compile relevant information and data for use in negotiations. Understand negotiating position, key drivers/levers, and
desired outcomes. Make decisions based on facts; weigh up the pros and cons; and be able to explain the reasoning behind decisions. Effectively
engage at all levels in well thought out conversation that takes a position.

Vendor Management: Possess Knowledge of: Vendor policies; vendor request processes; vendor quality standards. To be able to carry out the
following responsibilities: Explains the organizational process for soliciting and selecting vendors; identifies efficient means of monitoring and
measuring vendor performance; defines common terms and conditions of agreements with vendors; describes programs useful for improving vendor

Task Delegation: Possess knowledge of: Task delegation techniques; progress monitoring tools and processes. To be able to carry out the following
responsibilities: Identifies the responsibilities of each party in a delegated activity; provides examples of appropriately delegated responsibilities;
identifies common challenges and obstacles to delegation; describes the need for setting priorities and establishing milestones as part of delegation

Custodial Activities: Possess Knowledge of: Operational requirements of floor-cleaning equipment, tools, machines, and company-approved
chemicals used to perform routine cleaning procedures. To be able to carry out the following responsibilities: Uses cleaning equipment, agents, and
techniques (for example, mops, vacuum cleaners, pesticides) to clean dirt, sterilize supplies, and dispose waste in assigned areas; performs routine
cleaning disinfecting tasks; participates in deep cleaning and sanitation projects (for example, quarterly cleaning schedules); follows checklists of
cleanliness standards and requirements in compliance with applicable environment codes and regulations; reports shortages or failures of custodial
facilities and materials to senior staff for purchase or repair needs.

Schematics and Technical Drawings : Possess Knowledge of: common drafting tools, procedures and processes; blueprints; technical drawing
specifications. To be able to carry out the following responsibilities: Describes common drafting conventions, tools, procedures and processes.
Identifies basic functions and features of a design and visualization system. Reads sketches and follow blueprints to determine the location of wiring
and equipment. Locates and interprets blueprints relevant to own organization or domain. Interprets computer drawings and specifications produced

by equipment vendor partners.

Electrical Systems and Controls : Possess Knowledge of: Wiring schematics; electrical inspection procedures; electrician tools; safety codes and
regulations. To be able to carry out the following responsibilities: Navigates and troubleshoots control systems. Identifies electrical design concepts
and techniques used in supply chain. Demonstrates knowledge of wiring schematics ensuring they meet requirements and are safe and compliant.
Explains procedures and tools for inspecting existing electrical work. Demonstrates a basic understanding of electrician services. Lists applicable
safety codes and regulations.

Minimum Qualifications...

Outlined below are the required minimum qualifications for this position. If none are listed, there are no minimum qualifications.

1 year’s experience working in a construction, industrial, production, or manufacturing environment.
Additional certifications may be required based on State laws or requirements

Preferred Qualifications...

Outlined below are the optional preferred qualifications for this position. If none are listed, there are no preferred qualifications.

Repairing or maintaining optical, mechanical, or electrical equipment in an industrial setting

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801 CORDA BLVD, CRAWFORDSVILLE, IN 47933-2152, United States of America

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CRAWFORDSVILLE, Indiana, 47933