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Maintains and tracks medication inventory by sorting, placing, and storing freight in appropriate locations; restocking and replenishing medication in appropriate location; reporting low stock levels; ensuring stock rotation on a first-in, first-out basis to assist in shrinkage control; performing inventory cycle counts; assisting with physical counts for inventories; creating reports using inventory information systems; and monitoring prescription inventory for expired pharmaceuticals.Supports facility with reporting and paperwork to ensure productivity and pharmaceutical integrity by entering and modifying pharmaceutical data on system and forms; processing and submitting paperwork; creating and maintaining documentation (for example, files, manuals, forms, records, supplies) and communications ( for example, memos, correspondence); identifying and resolving discrepancies in record or files; preparing reports of pharmacy activities and inventory (for example, state board mandated testing of counting devices); and informing management about incorrect or inefficient processes and improper service procedures.Promotes and maintains the pharmacy's professional reputation and delivers pharmacy products and services to patients in accordance with local, state, and federal laws and corporate policies and procedures by assisting the pharmacist in the prescription fulfillment process; stocking and rotating merchandise and supplies from distribution centers and suppliers; handling claims and returns; completing, maintaining, and securing paperwork, forms, and other required documentation; and maintaining a safe and clean work environment.Ensures fulfillment of pharmacy prescriptions under the supervision of a pharmacist in an automated central fill pharmacy in order to maintain a continuous and consistent work-flow to meet daily production and quality goals by using the scanner to identify and select pharmaceutical product and quantity for prescription orders; verifying the size and strength of the product before processing order; verifying display for pack and quantity; entering expiration date and lot numbers; labeling prescriptions; weighing medication for accuracy of quantity; counting or pouring medication for prescription orders; preparing packages and distributing medications in a fast-paced production environment; and replenishing automated counting machines.Maintains quality, accuracy, and integrity of inventory (for example, pharmaceuticals, supplies) by utilizing automated inventory control scanner and system to track and ensure the timely and appropriate delivery and stocking of pharmaceuticals and supplies; ensuring adherence to and documentation of inventory control procedures (for example, product strategies, product description discrepancies); auditing and testing pill cell performance per prescribed schedule and procedures; managing pill cell information database; troubleshooting issues with pill cell performance; identifying and properly discarding hazardous waste; processing recalled and expired pharmaceuticals; and disposing or processing return of outdated stock for credit.Maintains pharmacy systems and technology (for example, inventory systems, automated medication counting machines) by preparing informational and related records and reports to ensure accurate data and system compliance with policies and regulations; monitoring inventory levels and expiration dates for pharmaceuticals; calibrating machines; applying settings to pill or capsule specifications to minimize breakage; ensuring medications are continuously replenished by utilizing the computer and scanner screen; and troubleshooting pill cell issues (for example, jamming) throughout production. Uses policies, data and resources to complete work. Collaborates with coworkers, customers and business partners. Follows company procedures and ethics. Uses the Open Door Policy to implement these policies and guidelines in order to execute business processes.

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Retail, Operations and Pharmacy Technician

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608 SPRINGHILL DR #3 SUITE# 300 SPRING, TX 77386-6032 USA

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SPRING, Texas, 77379

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