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Job Description

Job Description

Assists pharmacists in preparing and distributing medications; maintaining drug inventory; and maintaining patient records under the direct supervision of a registered pharmacist.

Job Responsibility

Takes direction from the pharmacists and/or pharmacy leadership with respect to daily workflow and patient care responsibilities.
Assists pharmacists in preparation of sterile and non-sterile products including, but not limited to, compounds and I.V. preparations using approved procedures and techniques.
Collaborates with members of inter-professional team, payers, pharmacies, patients, and families to promote timely access to medications. 
Monitors program effectiveness through facilitation of data collection and reporting in accordance with established procedures.
Participates in educational, training and competency programs for oneself and other members of pharmacy team.
Answers the telephone, identifying self and department; directs calls to appropriate personnel.
Fills and replenishes medication carts/trays/kits/automated dispensing cabinets and patient-specific cassettes/bins as directed.
Assists in operations and maintenance of automated dispensing cabinets, as needed.
Assists in the programming of automated dispensing cabinets and maintenance of the drug formulary.
Delivers medications and supplies to patient care and ancillary areas per operating procedure and established schedule. Delivers discharge medications to patients’ bedside prior to discharge, as required.
Repackages bulk medications in unit-dose packages per established procedures and techniques.
Maintains accurate and appropriate records in accordance with related procedures, as required.
Audits department records, conducts inspections, and promotes compliance with hospital, state and federal regulations as directed by a pharmacist, supervisor, or director.
Assists in ordering, receiving, unpacking, storing, maintaining and disposing medications and supplies per approved operational procedures.
Assists in purchasing and inventory optimization, as required.
Rotates stock to ensure use before expiration date.
Retrieves unused medication from patient care areas and returns items to stock, where appropriate.
Keeps pharmacy areas clean, neat, and well-organized; keeps pharmacy equipment clean.
Assists with obtaining patient medication histories, as required.
Performs related duties as required. All responsibilities noted here are considered essential functions of the job under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Duties not mentioned here, but considered related are not essential functions.

Job Qualification

High School Diploma or equivalent, required.  
Current Pharmacy Technician Certification required, plus specialized certifications as needed.
Current license as a registered pharmacy technician in NYS, required as of 4/25/21.
1-3 years of relevant experience, required.

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Lake Success, New York, 11020

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