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Position: Principal Software Engineer

Job Location: 840 W. California Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA 94086

Duties: Automate microservices and workflow orchestration engines and perform Proof of Concepts on aggregators, API doc engine, workflow runners, notification engine, CORS inspector, and state machines to enable cloud platform teams to be more efficient and reduce overall delivery cost. Innovate new, advanced automation CI/CD tools to build, ship, and run the applications using Docker, Rancher, Shipyard, Kubernetes, and Swarm. Responsible for robust and highly optimized service development using dynamic port mapping, auto scaling, elastic cloud configurations, service discovery, zero downtime, and rolling restart. Design single page, responsive, mobile-first, hybrid, cross platform, isomorphic, and ultra-blazing web applications using advanced UI and mobile application tools. Build private, public, and community clouds, security models, VPC, and elastic IP for databases and the migration of IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. Support testing strategies for cloud applications through stub, mock, proxy, predicate, sandbox, fakeXML Http, injection, pen, snapshot, stress, and imposters to identify and fix application bottlenecks. Analyze application logs through aggregation, indexing, forwarding, data ingestion, field extraction, and visualization for cloud infrastructure improvements. Monitor cloud health, timelines, cross functional site ops, network, and storage to ensure smooth application deployment. Build end to end WSO2 API manager, key store, gateways, API publisher, governance registry, WSO2 carbon, and Ngnix reverse proxy. Set architecture direction from an architectural and technical standpoint. Develop innovation strategies, processes, and best practices by guiding internal technical teams; partnering with cross-functional teams across the business; developing assessments of key opportunities; documenting project scopes; developing long-range plans and project timelines; communicating with and influencing decision-makers and executives within the organization; and resolving technology differences across teams through informed discussions.

Minimum education and experience required: Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Computer Science, Engineering (Any), or related field and 6 years of experience in large scale enterprise software development environment; OR Master’s degree or equivalent in Computer Science, Engineering (Any), or related field and 3 years of experience in large scale enterprise software development environment.

Skills required: Experience with optimized API development using NodeJs, Express, Hapi, and Sails Js. Experience with Isomorphic JavaScript component development using React, React-Bootstrap, React-Redux, React-Route-Redux, Redux-Observable, Redux-Immutable, and Redux-Transducers. Experience with integration and deployment of web applications using CI/CD, Grunt, Gulp, Browserify, and Webpack. Experience with advanced scripting using TypeScript, ES6, Babel Transpiler, and React for debugging real time React applications. Experience with dynamic resource allocation, port mapping, auto elastic scaling, service discovery, zero downtime, and rolling restart using Mesos, Marathon, and Zookeeper. Experience with object-oriented programming language Java. Experience with Springboot. Employer will accept any amount of experience with the required skills.

Wal-Mart is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


Job ID: 1144441889201926830

This job is located in

SUNNYVALE, California, 94087