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Company & Address:   Columbia OBGYN (51 W 51st Street)

Hiring manager: Heather Osborne Email Address:    

Job Title: LPN    # Openings:   1

Projected Start Date:  ASAP   Approval:  Y

Company Information (Team size, benefits for perm placement, dress code):           Billing Contact & Email Address:              

Why is the position open:    New practice/clinic (this will be working very closely with a women’s health center for Goldman Sachs)  

How long has the position been open:    

What sources have you used to look for candidates (internal HR, competition, job boards?:      


What is your strategy for filling this position?:     

Position Info

Overview of Responsibilities (Describe a typical day, metrics/quota)


The LPN is responsible for assisting physicians by providing general nursing care, patient screening, and clinical support. The LPN will also provide patient education and medication administration (including injections).    

  • Prepare and administer medication in accordance with standards

  • Obtain and record patient histories, vital signs, perform venipuncture and collect/prep specimens

  • Maintains precise records of all specimens obtained and sent for testing Document all medications administered in the EMR (CROWN) in accordance with standards as well as in the appropriate logs Educate patients regarding medications administered, including but not limited to dosage, purpose of medication, and possible side effects.

  • Reports any risk management incidents , i.e medication errors, adverse reactions and patient safety issues

  • Ensure that all competencies and clinical responsibilities are completed accurately

  • Maintain professional demeanor at all times with patients, physicians and coworkers Functions as a team member, providing backup coverage when required Miscellaneous duties as assigned by Clinical Coordinator or physician

3-5 Must-Have Skills/Qualifications

(what’s the minimum requirement our candidate should have?)

  • NYS LPN       

  • OBGYN exp is preferred

  • Clinical/Clerical experience          



Soft Skill/Attribute Requirements

(what can we screen for in our behavioral interviewing? Do you have any pre-screening qs you would like us to ask? What answers should we look for?)

  • Team player      

  • EXTREMELY professional (White collar patients)      

  • Excellent verbal/written communication skills       


Nice-to-Have Skills

(what would the client like to see if possible? This should not exclude the candidate from consideration but rather give our talent an upper hand)





Top Performer Profile

A Candidate





Preferred Companies/Industry Experience?


Employment Type & Duration (Contract, Contract-Hire, Direct Hire) (How long?)


Schedule & Hours (Shift? Overtime? Remote work?)

     Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm    


Established timeline for feedback after submittal:          



Int Process:        Interview with Heather and Sabrina Hunt (Manager of 51st street obgyn)    

  With who

Days? Etc.)

Int Times:                       

Established timeline for feedback after interview:           



ProveIt Assessment:          

If I find someone who is perfect but exceeds the target bill rate, would you consider them?


Is there anything else that needs to be done prior to getting someone started? (IE Badge access, IT setup, etc?)


Exclusive:            Pay Rate:  max 33/hr           Bill Rate:  45 - 55/hr         

Job ID: 2497841571284307029

This job is located in

New York, New York, 10019

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