School Social Worker

School Social Worker

Temple, TX

Remote Social Worker MSW I at Baylor, Scott & White Health in Temple, Texas

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Patients and their families can get the help and guidance they need to deal with emotional and physical issues. This is according to the Texas State Board of Social Worker examr scope of practice. Social Worker MSW provides a range of services, including client advocacy, crisis intervention, grief management, counseling, psychosocial assessment, planning for discharge, implementation and education. All performance improvement projects will be implemented and developed by the Social Worker MSW.

Social Worker MSW develops or oversees care plans. These include crisis intervention, resource and referral assistance as well as education and patient advocacy. Therapy and counseling are also available. The Social Worker MSW works with healthcare professionals and includes the family member or patient in planning and execution. Social Worker MSW acts as liaison to the community and staff in order for smooth transitions and the placement of patients within their assigned service.

Social Worker MSW is a skilled professional who has knowledge about the principles and techniques to improve or restore social, psychosocial or bio-psychosocial functioning in individuals, couples and families. These social workers will be able to communicate with grief and have interpersonal and listening skills.

__S.18__ Location/Facility Temple, TX -- This job is 90% remote. The state of Texas must be home to the candidates!

__S.23__ Specialty/Department/Practice: All/Adult

__S.29__ Schedule/Shift: Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm

__S.35__ Benefits: *Our competitive benefits package contains*:

Instant eligibility for welfare and health benefits

Savings plan for 401(k), with dollar-fordollar match of up to 5%

Reimbursement for Tuition

Accrual of PTO begins on Day 1.

__S.64__ *Note: The benefits may differ depending on the position and/or degree.




- EXPERIENCE - Minimum/no experience required

Lic Clinical Social Worker, Lic Masters Social Worker, Lic Master Social Wrk AdvPrac(LMSW-AP), License Masters Social Worker or a Lic Clinical Social Worker or Lic Master Social Wrk Advanced Practice (LMSW–AP)

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This job is located in

Temple, Texas, 00000

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